Privacy Policy

1. The privacy policy of applicable to all confidential information collected through this website.
2. This privacy policy will highlight informing us how and why we collect all relevant and correct personal information like name, mobile number, and email id and how we use this information.
3. Fcom is highly dedicated to following all legislations for advocating the privacy of confidential and personal information by businesses. We always protect complete privacy in every possible manner when a client or the business makes a deal with Coder Castle LLC.
4. Some of the information given to us by our clients, partners, or any other third party may be considered private or personal. We won’t be able to carry on our business effectively without these details.
5. The personal or private information is gathered from different sources so that if any client contacts us for any query about a service or issue related to the service, then we can keep a complete record of that particular correspondence in the best-known effort. It will help us to find a better solution. It will also, help in doing a deep analysis of any issue or query raised by the clients.
6.The personal data collected by Coder Castle LLC is a step to make our clients aware of us and we also allow our clients to have access to information held about them.
7. We are just providing services asked by our clients. We won’t be liable if any of our client is using our Marketing agency for any kind of fraud activity.

Use of data collected and disclosure of data

8. Coder Castle LLC might use or disclose any personal information that is held about our clients primarily for the purpose of the services they are seeking from us. This information may be collected for maintaining records. The information or data related to our clients is not disclosed to any unwanted people or parties under any circumstances.
9. The data collected on our website is disclosed to any person outside of our business in the situations defined in this privacy policy or after notifying our clients at the time of collection of the data.
10. If we suspect any unlawful action or any engagement or any other part of data disclosure, it will become mandatory for us to investigate and report the matter to the relevant authorities for investigation.

When such disclosure of the information is necessary under authorized law or order

11. Where Coder Castle LLC believes that the use of the disclosure of the information is essential for the refinement, the investigation, punishment, and prosecution of crimes or wrongdoings for the conduct of proceedings required for any court or tribunal for the implementation of the order of the court or tribunal by the enforcement body.
12. Our website may contain links or other websites. Those links may be related to a third party that may collect the personal information about our clients for which our company is not liable in any manner. We are not at all responsible or liable for any privacy policies of any other businesses, information, or data available on the websites that are linked with our website.
13. On our website Coder Castle LLC. we encourage users (clients) to stay aware and knowledgeable when they leave the website through any link given on our website. We recommend our users read the privacy policy and terms of use of each and every linked website.
14. Our website places great importance on the security of the personal and other confidential data linked with our clients and partner. We have complete safety and security measures that protect our clients from the loss, alteration, and misuse of any personal information that can be controlled by Coder Castle LLC.

Personal information is to be destroyed securely when no longer in use

15. Coder Castle LLC retain the personal information given to us. This stored data includes the contact details to ensure that clients verify their transactions and other details for adequate records for the legal and account-related activities.

Confidential information stored with us can only be accessed by trust-worthy authorities

16. No data stored with Coder Castle LLC ought to be transmitted or leaked in the digital world and it is 100% secured. While we ensure the complete safety of all personal information of clients, but any data shared over the internet through other means of communication, we don’t provide any warranty or guarantee in that case. Coder Castle LLC receives your transmission and makes the best effort to ensure the security of its systems.
17. The users/visitors to this website are solely responsible for keeping their records of the username, passwords, pin, or any other form of account information secret. Users ought to be careful and responsible whenever they are online. Users must not share their password with anyone for safety and user shall be solely responsible for keeping the privacy of their account.

Access and correction related to confidential and personal information

18. We at Coder Castle LLC are highly dedicated to maintaining authentic and accurate information for our customers in the best possible manner.
19. We will provide access to our clients to all the personal information stored by us if it is required by compliance.
20. The users shall be solely responsible for any incorrect information provided by them; Coder Castle LLC is not liable for any incorrect information was given by users.

Queries and Complains

21. In the case where users are looking for the resolution of any of their queries or complaints with any of the services offered by Coder Castle LLC. Email us at [email protected]  or submit the contact form.

Contact us for any information

22. If you need any information or seeking any query, then please contact us at the following E-mail address: [email protected] 

Acceptance to this privacy policy of Coder Castle LLC

23. Once the user is continuing the access of the website then it is deemed off that users have accepted the privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of use of this website.

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